Michael Oher Wife – Who is Tiffany Roy in 2023?

Michael Oher wife is Tiffany Roy. Oher is a former legendary American football player who played in the National Football League for eight seasons. He played college football in Mississippi. Oher was selected by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Michael Oher and Tiffany Roy tried their best to avoid the media spotlight and keep his personal life a secret. However, they had to admit their relationship after an Uber driver accused Oher of misbehaving. We will reveal the full story in this article shortly.

Who is Michael Oher Wife?

Michael Oher Wife

Yes, Michael Oher wife is a successful businesswoman Tiffany Roy. Tiffany handles an online boutique store called The Feminish Collection and is known as ‘Beat The Odds Inc. She is also working as the Vice President of this company.

She and her husband have a low-profile lifestyle, which makes it difficult to get information about their family life. Fortunately, Oher adopted brother, Sean Tuohy Jr took to Instagram in 2015 to share a photo of the family gathering.

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Who is Tiffany Roy?

She owns a clothing online store, The Feminish Collection, and describes herself as a “mother and wife” on the website. Her Instagram profile is private, but she has a link to the clothing brand’s website in her bio.

The Feminist Collection website reads, that Roy came up with the term Feminist Collection to include women of all cultures and sizes.

Tiffany is not only an entrepreneur. But she also strongly believes in women’s equality and feels that just because we as women identify as a woman.

Michael Oher Children:

They both have a son, we don’t have any information about their son, name, or age, and they haven’t revealed any other details.

This is another secret as Oher never talks about his married life and wife. Oher wife also owns an E-Commerce organization called Beat the Odds Inc. Where Michael is the president and Tiffany serves as the vice president.

Michael Oher’s Net Worth:

According to over analysis, Michael Oher’s net worth is $20 million in 2022. Oher has signed four multi-million dollar deals with three different NFL teams.

Moreover, he also signed a massive $13.8 million worth deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The Tennessee Titans have offered him a $20 million contract. While the Carolina Panthers have offered him a $7 million contract.

In addition, the Panthers signed Oher for a two-year contract of $21.6 million, with $9.5 million guaranteed.

Michael Oher Controversy:

Around 2017, the couple was facing some marital problems. Oher allegedly beat up an Uber driver who did not follow his instructions.

According to the alleged victim, Michael was telling her to get behind a car where his wife was sitting. Other details about the incident are under wraps.

However, it seems that they have solved the problem that they had. Meanwhile, Michael had to admit that he was married to Tiffany Roy. So, Michael Oher wife now happily living with her husband.

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