Michael Chandler Wife – Who is Brie Willett in 2022?

Michael Chandler is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is currently competing in the lightweight division at the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Who is Michael Chandler wife in 2022?

Chandler faced Tony Ferguson on May 7, 2022, at UFC 274. He won the fight in the second round after knocking out Ferguson from the front kick. This victory earned him his second Performance of the Night bonus award.

Michael Chandler Wife:

Michael Chandler wife is Brie Willett. He began dating Brie Willett in 2013 after emailing for almost two years. After that, they got married in 2014. The cute couple adopted a son, Hap, in 2017. In April 2022, they adopt another second son, Ace.

In a recent post on Instagram before the biggest fight of his UFC career, Chandler went on Instagram to thank his wife.

Earlier, he congratulated his wife on her birthday on Instagram, thanking her for his endless support throughout his legendary MMA career.

Chandler called her “impressive” and praised his wife. The gorgeous couple’s story is amazing about how the UFC legend first met with Brie Willet. The two contacted each other via email. Chandler and his wife began dating after emailing for about two years.

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Who is Brie Willett?

She was born in Columbia, Missouri, and studied biology and psychology at Taylor University. Afterward, Brie Willett graduated with a master’s degree in Physical Assistant Studies from the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale.

During her teens, she was a finalist in the 2003 Miss Missouri Ten pageant, which was won by Amber Seyer.

After graduating with a degree in medical science, she worked as a counselor on the Kanakuk Kamps. She works as a Resident PR for Critical Care Medicine at the University of Missouri Hospital.

Michael Chandler Children:

In 2017, the couple adopted a 9-month-old baby, whom they named Hap Whitaker. The child recently turned 4 years old, and Chandler and his wife celebrated their child’s birthday with friends and family.

It is a combination of completely different worlds, but they are still strong after so many years. Hap is a big fan of his father and can’t be the new lightweight champion for Chandler, as seen in the recent UFC 262 episode.

Michael Chandler’s Net Worth:

The total value of Michael Chandler is about $2 million. Which has been earned entirely from his fighting career. Since he was running his business in Bellator, earnings and fight purses are not widely available on the web.

However, he made a total of $253,500 in his debut against UFC 257 against Dan Hooker. Chandler’s previous highest fight was at Bellator 106 when he lost to Eddie Alvarez. The decision to split. He took home a whopping $95,000 that day.

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