Michael Buffer Net Worth 2023 – Early Life, Career, Wife

Michael Buffer net worth

Birthday November 2, 1944
Age 78 Years Old
Height 1.83 Meter
Weight 80 Kilogram
Profession American Announcer
Nationality American
Partner Alina Buffer

Michael Buffer or “MC” is an American ring announcer for professional boxing and wrestling. In addition to these games, Buffer has also announced competitions for the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, Grand Prix, and many other prestigious sports. Its trademark catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” has become a memorable place before the fight.

Michael Buffer Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth Michael Buffer net worth in 2023 is $400 million. He is known as one of the greatest ring announcers of all time in boxing and wrestling.

Buffer became famous around the world when he developed his signature catchphrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”. Which launches all major boxing events. He trademarked the sentence. The trademark has earned Michael millions of dollars in royalties over the years.

Early Life:

Buffer was born on November 2, 1944, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. When he was just 11 years old, his parents divorced and he was in trouble. Interestingly.

He served in the US military for three years during the Vietnam War. He became a professional ring announcer at the age of 38. Before entering the profession, he also did modeling.


Throughout his career, Buffer has announced the MLB World Series, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Finals, the Volunteer 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway, and the NFL Playoff Games.

He was a guest announcer at the 1999 Indianapolis 500 and the 2017 United States Grand Prix. On September 12, 2021, Buffer announced NBC’s Sunday Night Soccer Matchup. Where the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Chicago Bears in the first regular-season NFL game with spectator attendance at SoFi Stadium.

In addition to boxing and wrestling, as an announcer, he has announced the MLB World Series, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Finals, the Bristol Motor Speedway Volunteer 500 and the NFL Playoff Games. Moreover, his voice is made and given as a gift to announce and the style is really stunning and charming.

Love Life & Family:

Michael Buffer has been married three times. His wives are Christine Buffer, Christine Prado, and Alina Buffer. Buffer was married to Alina Buffer in 1999 and they separated in 2003. Their first marriage was at the age of 21. He married in 1999, 25 years after his divorce from his first wife.

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