Kofi Kingston Net Worth 2023 – Early Life, Career, Wife

Kofi Kingston Net Worth

Kofi Kingston is a professional wrestler from the USA who was born in Ghana. He is currently employed with WWE, where he can be seen performing on the SmackDown brand as Kofi Kingston.

He made the decision to seek a professional wrestling career after earning his degree from Boston College, and he started out by competing as Kofi Nahaje Kingston, a Jamaican wrestler, on the New England independent circuit.

Kofi Kingston Net Worth:

Birthday August 14, 1981
Age 41 Years Old
Height 1.83 Meter
Weight 96 Kilogram
Profession Wrestler
Nationality Ghanaian
Partner Kori Campfield

In 2022, Kofi Kingston’s net worth is anticipated to be $3 million. His basic wage under the terms of his WWE contract is $500,000 per year. Also, he makes money from merchandise sales and PPV performances.

Kingston entered the main-event stage over the past couple of years and is now regarded as one of the company’s finest performers.

Kofi Kingston Early Life:

In Ashanti, Ghana’s Kumasi, on August 14, 1981, Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah was born. His mother, Elizabeth, and father, Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, had three children together, with him being the oldest.

Three-year-old Kingston’s family moved to the US in 1982 from his country of birth when he was just three years old.

Kingston was reared with his brother Kwame and deceased sister Nana in Winchester, Massachusetts, the location of the family’s new residence.

Kofi Kingston Career:

On February 24, 2006, at Chaotic Wrestling, Kingston competed in his first-ever professional wrestling match defeating Tony Omega (CW). A few months later, on June 4, he wrestled Evan Siks to compete for the PWF Mayhem Heavyweight Title.

Between late 2005 and late 2006, Kingston worked for many promotions including the Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA), (NECW), Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF), and National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Upon the signing of a professional commitment with WWE in 2006, he changed his stage name to Kofi Kingston. With the same Jamaican persona he had used on the independent circuit, he made his WWE debut in 2008.

He ceased billing himself from Jamaica in late 2009 and lost his accent, however, he kept his stage name. Afterward, he began to receive invoices from Ghana, his place of origin.

Kofi Kingston’s Wife:

Kofi Kingston, a star in the WWE, is currently married to Kori Campfield. Kori now belongs to the group of wrestlers who have researchers people from outside the business.

The nature of Campfield’s occupation is unclear. But ever since her kids Khi and Orion were born, she has been extremely busy. Her estimated net worth is in the neighborhood of $100,000.

Campfield isn’t on social media because she prefers to keep to herself. She has been spotted going on certain occasions with her husband.

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