Carmen Jane Plant – Who is Daughter of Robert Plant?

Carmen Jane Plant

FULL NAME Carmen Jane Plant
Birthday November 21, 1968
Age 55 Years Old
Profession Belly Dancer
Father Robert Anthony Plant
Mother Maureen Plant Wilson
Children 3
Husband Stephen Charles Jones

Carmen Jane Plant is the daughter of famous singer and songwriter Robert Plant. She is currently 56 years old and earns her living as a professional belly dancer and dance teacher.

Carmen has always had an interest in various dance genres, including jazz, ballet, and tap dance. They hone their musical skills and pursue music like their parents. Some achieve success, while others always follow in the footsteps of their successful parents.

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Who is Carmen Jane Plant?

Carmen Jean Plant is the lucky daughter of one the greatest dancers of all time, Robert Plant. She was born on October 21, 1968 in Birmingham, England. She was Robert’s first child from his marriage to Maureen Plant and his only daughter.

She is an outstanding belly dancer and dance instructor, she is famous as the daughter of Robert Plant and her stage performances. His latest production, The Serpent Slayer, which premiered at the Exeter Corn Exchange on 13 May 2018, has been making headlines as it incorporates cultural dances from different continents.

Carmen Jane Plant Parents:

Carmen Jane Plant’s parents, Robert Anthony Plant and Maureen Wilson married on November 9, 1986. Carmen was their first child, followed by two other sons, Karac Pendragon and Logan Romero.

Unfortunately, Karac Pendragon died at age five of a stomach virus infection while Robert was on a tour of the United States. The singer later said that he regretted being away from his family, preferring such long tours during the early stages of his children.

Carmen’s Relationship With Her Parents:

Carmen has spent most of her life away from the press and media, although she has achieved success independently. According to our research, she attended the Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School.

When she was only seven years old, Carmen was also involved in a tragic car accident with her parents. While on vacation on the Greek island of Rhodes, the car skidded off the road and hit a tree. She suffered some terrible injuries as a result.

Carmen Jane Net Worth:

The Carmen Jane plant isn’t open to the public much, so we’re not sure of its net worth. While she has earned money from her shows and belly dancing lessons, the figures have not been disclosed.

According to our research, her father’s net worth is $200 million. Since his daughter is the likely beneficiary, it is believed that some of his income has passed to her (so, it is not clear how much).

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