Bryce Mitchell Girlfriend – Who is Erin Handlow 2023?

Bryce Mitchell Girlfriend

FULL NAME Bryce Andrew Mitchell
Birthday October 4, 1994
Age 28 Years Old
Height 1.75 Meter
Weight 66 Kilogram
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Nationality American
Partner Erin Handlow

Bryce Mitchell is A MMA fighter who participates in an MMA fight UFC. Over time, claimants’ standing has increased. In addition to being a striker, Mitchell is renowned for his stamina in battle.

Through his battles and endorsements, Mitchell has gained a lot of money, particularly from Reebok, which is his main sponsor.

He has also appeared in several commercials, including commercials for sports betting and sports nutrition companies. The fighter amassed a record of 15 wins and 2 losses in his professional UFC career.

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Who is Bryce Mitchell girlfriend?

Bryce Mitchell, a trained mixed martial artist, is dating Erin Handlow. She has years of managerial and marketing experience.

Handlow began her career in 2012 at Ecotron, a company specializing in electrical transformers, before moving to Superior Petroleum Company, where he worked as a sales associate for over two years.

Following her time there, she worked as a property manager for Five Mile Development Group, which focuses on revitalizing land in and around Pittsburgh.

Handlow then became a wholesale manager at Hillcrest Distributing, based in Lower Burrell, according to her LinkedIn profile.

However, it is more likely that she worked for Hillcrest Beer Distribution. She worked there for two years before joining Commercial Bullet Construction in 2017, where she currently works as a marketing specialist.

Who is Erin Handlow?

Handlow has a lot of experience prior to her current profession. Prior to starting her sales position at Ecotron, she spent around two years there.

The Superior Petroleum Company hired her afterward to serve as a sales associate. She worked there for two years before moving into the position of property manager.

In March 2015, Hillcrest Beer Distributing hired her to work as a wholesale sales manager. It was his longest and most successful run before her current career.

Speaking of which, she currently works at Commercial Bullet Construction LLC as a Marketing Specialist. She was hired in 2017 which is her longest tenure in a long time.

Bryce Mitchell Net Worth:

His estimated net worth of $1 million isn’t just dependent on his fights – he’s a full-time farmer, which certainly brings him a good income.

Mitchell is anticipated to make $50,000 per match, which is what he made in his most recent matchup at featherweight versus Edson Barboza.

Heading into his fight against Ilia Topuria in a few days, he’s set to earn just as much – add to that any fight of the night or bonus performance of the night, and his payday could reach nearly $100,000.

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