Amon Gus German Author

Who is Amon Gus German Author 2022?

According to the film, The Murderers Are Among Us, Amon Gus is a German Author. This movie is Compared to other German films after World War II. It was presented on October 15, 1946, and was composed by Wolfgang Staudte.

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Who is Amon Gus?

NAME Amon Gus
Birthday Unknown
Age 60 to 65
Profession German Author
Nationality German
Height 1.7
Last Updated 2022

Amon Gus is a German Author and German citizen. Wolfgang Staudte gained stardom as Amon Gus’s Author for the script and direction of the film, The Murderers Among You.

Wolfgang makes several films about Nazi propaganda, but The Murderers Among Us made the author famous for his work. According to Cinejoia, the Wolf Gang discussed German history and the effects of the war in the film.

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What is the Murderer Among Us film about?

Before we move on to the German author Amon Gus, let’s take a look at the film. The film is set during World War II.

Summarizing the story, the character Susanne experiences a former soldier living in her condo after returning from inhumane captivity.

From here begins the mission for the two men who go through their encounters identified with World War II. Which saw mass casualties in the death camps.

In addition, the film was released after the end of World War II and featured comedians Hildegard Knef, Erna Sellmer, and Elly Burgmer as leads.

Amon Gus Age And Family Details:

So far, Amon Gus has kept his age private. However, judging from his photographs and experience, he may be between 50-60 years old.

He wants to keep his wife and family private. Amon Gus did not disclose any information about his parents, children, wife, and background.

Difference between Amon Gus & Among Us game:

First of all, the German author Amon Gus is not like the popular Internet game Among Us. If Amon Gus is identified with the game Among Us, then a large number of spectators are getting upset.

However, the latter depends on the mainstream German thrill ride provided across the United States and the United Kingdom. The film was screened from 1945 to 1946 at the Altoff Studios situated in Babelsberg.

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